Okay, so it’s now the eve of 2020. Heading at a lightning pace into a new decade.

What happened this year? Lots. So, we’re going to do a little Q&A to bring us all up to speed with the present and what, if any, plans I may have for the future.

1. Am I still writing?
Yes. Some days are harder than others. And there have been more breaks in this process than I would like, but yes. I am still writing. My process has changed since I first started in HS. I no longer write only in fits of passion (though they do happen)à la Jo March. I’m more consistent. But I also know that taking care of oneself is important too. So I plan self care days now and don’t focus so much on the word count. NaNoWriMo, I’m looking at you!

2. Any new projects planned?
No. Well, not really. My goals are listed though.
-Finishing up K&L by the end of Jan (missed my deadline of drafting it by end of December by…3 weeks.)
-HEAVILY revising (READ: rewriting) my Blue Cove series. OMWC and T&T will be having a major overhaul on their stories. We’ll see how things go.
-Possibly self-pub by 2021.

3. Any life events happening in 2020?
Not that I am planning on.
2019 about did me in with all the happenings in my family and in my writing circles. The only thing that will be happening is I will be a long term substitute for 8th Grade Science this semester (Feb until end of May) so my time will be shortened on the writing front due to fatigue. Which just means I will have to make the use of the small amount of time I will have to write well. Word snatching.

4. Health?
Fit as a fiddle and have all the tea to keep me going. Still loving my morning coffee though. (That may change later once I start subbing…hehe) I will be rejoining the gym to alleviate stress. Big tip? Just exercise. Whatever way you want.

5. Travel?
Some. After the school year is over, we’ll be visiting family in CA. Maybe a visit to CT this late Summer/early Fall. Trying to squeeze in a visit to fam in FL, but it might have to wait until next Jan/Feb. No conferences planned.

6. Advice for writers?
Yes. Something I read on Tumblr by embarrassingwriter.

“Be mean to your characters.

What they take for granted? Take it away from them.

The one thing they know for certain? Make them doubt it.

Their worst fear? Throw it at their damn faces.

Make their plans fail. Make them cry. Make them question things and [mess] up and then learn about them and the way they react in the process.

Be mean to your characters. Then be kind to them for a little while, because after all that stuff, they may deserve it.”

And lastly, keep learning. Keep listening. Keep…evolving. A stagnant writer is no good to anyone and goodness knows, we all need to keep growing.

So, may 2020 bring us growth and prosperity (esp. in writing) with a large dose of a bit more kindness toward each other. Happy New Year!