The title of my blog is from the song, “The Next Right Thing” from the Frozen 2 soundtrack.

Believe it or not, it’s my favorite song from that movie. Kept me going. And so much power in just taking things one step at a time as best you can when all seems so hard and lost.

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a rough year. Aside from long term subbing during a worldwide pandemic and election year, 2020 also kicked me around so much, crushed my creativity, and stagnated my thinking. There were times I even contemplated giving up writing all together.

But 2020 also really forced me to be kind to myself and learn to accept that some days just waking and breathing are enough. (Very hard for this perfectionist, btw)

So…I bid 2020 a hearty adieu!

No resolutions this year. I don’t have the energy for it and that’s okay. But I do have some writing advice:

“When writing a scene and it’s not working, go back a few scenes and make sure that’s set up well. And if it’s still not working, try changing the point of view. And if all else fails, change the weather.”

Seriously. I’ve had to change my POV in a chapter a few times this year. And weather? Yup. It’s amazing what changes it brings to the work when you make it go from sunny to cloudy. Each character will react differently to each situation. Good to keep in mind.

What have I learned this year? That creativity is a process and a journey. And sometimes that journey takes longer than you think it will/should.

Also, forget the shoulds.

Your process is unique to you. Your journey is yours and no one else’s. So long as you get to your destination that’s all that matters. One step at a time, right? And for me, my destination is seeing my finished novel published.

This year? I don’t think so, right now, but one never knows what can happen. 🙂

So 2021, let’s see what we can do!