The wait’s over and the mystery how-to book is here.

I know I’ve kept you on pins and needles for a bit. Shameless plug time. (It’s my very first published book! Squee!)

Demystifying the Beats, the wonderful collaboration with my critique partners, The Red Reines, is available on EVERYWHERE right now!

Seriously, it’s a great book. Perfect for mystery writers, and even readers, of all levels. You get to know not only how a mystery works but why. We packed it full with examples. And if you go to the Red Reines site and sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get some tidbits not seen anywhere else. Plus, and this is something I love, it’s a handy short reference book you can toss in your bag or even slip in your computer sleeve to access any time you need it.

Go check it out and get your print or e-book copy today.

Okay, that’s it for the news right now! I promise I’ll bring more 1940s info next time.