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Founded in 2023, Bartie Books, LLC is a small independent publisher based in the mountains of New Mexico, producing captivating books in paperback and ebook formats. We specialize in fiction genres, particularly romance. We will also supply bookshops on request.

We are currently not accepting submissions at this time.

Featured Book

Exit, Stage Left
By Erin Krueger

How did an innocent birthday wish bring Elvis, Jane Austen, and Joan of Arc into the future, together?

Wren Dynamene has it bad. Not only does the former leading actress have debilitating stage fright that keeps her off the stage and in the wardrobe, but she’s secretly crushing on Marco, who’s only the star—and her best friend.

Blowing out her birthday candles, she wishes for love and courage, never expecting three historical figures to time travel to the present with the mission to fix her love life.

When chaos ensues, and trouble arises, the show must go on, leaving Wren with the decision–step back into the limelight and risk her friendship for love, or continue to languish backstage?