Folks! I’m going to stray a tad from my normal post. But I had to share this amazing news and cover teaser.

My fabulous critique partners (Jordyn Kross, Carol Potenza, and Ryley Banks) and I have collaborated on a work to help any and all mystery writers with their mystery novels. You’ve read Romancing the Beats for romance. Well, think that style of humor with plenty of sass for mystery writers.

It’s amazing to believe that the idea Jordyn had at the start when she wanted to write an erotic cozy mystery, and Carol brainstormed with her all the research she had done for her award-winning Nicky Matthews mysteries, and then we all jumped on to help out, is becoming a reality. Three years in the making, if you want to know.

Read the whole story here at Or follow us on Instagram and FB.

Why Red Reines? Well, it was a name we chose to call our critique group. Red for the copious amounts of red pens/critiques we do to the submissions to grind them into the best works possible. And Reines is French for queens. And let me tell you, we are just that… QUEENS, in all the confident gloriousness that it takes to survive the slicing and dicing of our novels.

So… get ready for fall. The wait is worth it. Promise.