The Letters pt 1

Hotel Cecil, Strand, London, W. C.

July 11, 1929

Joy Would you believe me if I said I was desolate without you? The British Empire is a magnificent affair and I have seen it at work and play within the last week, but with all of that I’m lonesome for you. I have punted on the Avon and watched others punt on the Thames. I have been to a Garden Party given by Lady Astor who by the way has a delightful place but a little to[o] big to suit me. She is most charming.

We met Bernard Shaw at her party and I had the pleasure of talking to him about 10 minutes. Curious old duck. Today we visited the Tower of London and looked over the crown jewels etc. Then an MP (Member of Parliament) at Lady Astor’s had given us some tickets to the members galley where we looked on while Mr. Ramsey Mac Donald defended himself on several questions. Tonight we dined at the Trocadero, just a big ordinary restaurant.

Mebur wandered off with a girl he met on the boat and I walked around Piccadilly a while and came home. Here I am at 11pm. I tried to get a seat to see Journey’s End but there were non to be had. We leave for France in the morning and will probably stay at the Royal Haussmann. It’s the only good hotel in Paris in my opinion. From there our movements are uncertain, depending a lot on whether we go to Roumania. Personally I don’t think there’s a thing to it. The bankers are lukewarm on the proposition and I’m rather glad they are. It’s far away and I am not keen about it. I would much rather view the Italian lakes. I would give anything dearest for your lovely presence this minute. This tripping around without you is a serious mistake.

In any trip abroad I think it well worth anyone’s while to look over England. It’s a beautiful country. Just like a big golf course. But then there are some parts like Kansas too which is not so good. I would like to take a run up to Scotland before I leave but don’t suppose I will have time. I really have been sight seeing more that I’m used to doing.

You see what your absence does to me. Just makes a Cooks tourist of me. I was a pretty good hotel sigh seer until this happened. Then I became one of a crowd. Maybe after all that is best. I have met lots of people and I’m still just one of a crowd. You must have me body + soul to make others so uninteresting to me. Please keep me that way my baby. I have no other desire that just to be yours because I love you.